Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Kate Moss

Just had to post on this too, my love for Kate Moss is very big time lovin'! So i finally found the perfect t-shirt with her beautiful little face on it (i don't care that it's meant to be for a man, i just had to have it!) Anyway it's by French brand 'Hype Means Nothing'. Again spotted in Selfridges back in December but they only had a Large left, boo. I purchased from in the end, (once they had re-stocked!) Anyway, it looks wicked with skinnies/black tube skirt, casual and comfy, and basically i just like looking down and seeing Kate's face :)


I haven't posted anything in yonkers! Really just lost interest in everything, and i have had loads going on with home life these past few months which has caused lots of stress! Anyway, i'd love to get back into this as i feel i didn't give it a proper go first time round anyway. I've been spending too much money as usual, i can't even imagine with what to update you all with as i have no idea where i should begin ha! January should be a pretty good month, normally i feel really depressed, a case of the 'January Blues', but this year, i'm determined to make it a good'un! It's my birthday towards the end of the month, which i really do hate, as it's out the way of, then you have like the entire year to wait again, i'd much prefer it if i were a May born baby ..

This post has no order whatsoever ha, just wanna say that i am gonna try and kurb my spending, as i do not need anything more in my life that what i already have. Plus this year i am determined to pass my driving test and i also wanna take a trip to America and of course my London trip in August. I should be going London again for Fashion Weekend in Feb, which i am very excited about as always :)!

Today my new Barbour coat arrived and i LOVE IT!
I first spotted it in Selfridges at the start of December and i was tempted but for some stupid reason, resisted. This was an instant regret as Selfridges never re-stocked and it's not available from Barbour stores until the S/S11 collection officially arrives. So i somehow managed after hours and hours of internet stalking, tracked it down from which was a good find as it offers 10% discount off your first order with them and free next day delivery for orders over £75! win win.

i got it in navy, as that goes with everything :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

last week

me and haydy being cool ..


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

keep or return?

Firstly, can i just say, how cold has it been today?!?!! seriously, freezing, first proper taste of autumn/winter weather i think.
Today, i received this nice little package in the post- a dress i'd ordered the other day. I'm uncertain if i should keep or return though, i mean i really do love it, but i just don't really need it .. however it's one of those dresses where you can wear it during the day or for a night out, i do love them kinda dresses :)
Anyway, it looks better when you see it in the flesh, like i keep saying, i can't use a camera!

so, keep or return?

Monday, 18 October 2010

Oxbridge weekend/random ramble

I've just returned from my 'Oxbridge' weekend (well, yesterday actually!) I had a wicked time, and for once in my life, i held back to temptation and only bought one item of clothing back with me!
Saturday we visited Oxford and Sunday was Cambridge; out of the two, i prefer Cambridge. It had more shops and was a lot more quaint, i'd love to pay it another visit again soon.
I'm still yet to upload a proper outfit post, i'm thinking Wednesday as it's my day off then, i do keep trying, but i really am naff with a camera and the lighting keeps looking terrible! Or if i do manage to get the lighting correct, i don't like my outfit! I just can't win ha!
Here's a little question for you, actually it's gonna be two- I'd love to make my hair more volumised at the roots, does anyone have any suggestions of which products are good for this, it just seems to look a mess at the moment!
The next question is, i'm having a bad skin breakout at the moment and it's making me feel horrible! I normally have really good skin, but i do have the odd breakout from time to time. It's making my confidence go from zero to minus!! What can i do?! or should i just let my face run it's course?

Hope you've all had a nice weekend, Sarah x

Sunday, 10 October 2010

slight product rave

with the MAC face&body foundation. Wow, i am in L-O-V-E with this bad boy! I'll admit it, i've never actually used a MAC foundation before, so i can't exactly compare or say that it's 'my all time fave MAC foundation' but out of all foundations i have tried, this has to be my all time favourite so far!
I don't wear foundation on a daily basis due to the fact that my job is far from glamorous and my skin is pretty alright really, so i don't need to cake my face in makeup. I like my skin to look pretty natural but i love that dewy fresh faced look, that has that gorgeous sheen and illumination to it; this product gives me exactly that!
It's pretty sheer, but you are able to build it up if you are after a slightly heavier coverage.
I have it in shade C1, which is the exact match to my skin-tone. At first i thought i should have picked a the next shade up, so you could actually tell i was/am wearing something on my face (just so i don't look totally washed out!) but now, i've come to love looking like i have no make up on and just perfect skin :)!
I can't rave this product enough, and as much as i'd like to try out other foundations, i think this would/will be the one i'll always come back to/always have a bottle of in my make-up bag :)

*forgot to add, £120ml for £23

Saturday, 9 October 2010

i opted for pink ..

avec the Wildfox sweatshirt! I really did want the mustard one a tad more, however I think it does look better on brunettes and i went for the money saving option and saved myself £30 instead (i'll buy something nice with that, don't worry!) So, it was bought via Ebay (seriously, where would i be without ebay, i live on that site!) and i rate the seller 100%. The item location was in America and it took one day to arrive, now that's service for ya!
Took some posing pictures below (i really shouldn't do this, i just am not good infront of a camera) but i was bored and thought i'd show it off.
It's been a really quiet Saturday today, i didn't really want to do anything though as i've been work all week, so it's been my first well deserved day off in about 6days.
My MAC face&body foundation arrived this week also, and considering i hadn't had chance to test the product out and did the risky thing of ordering offline, the shade is a perfect match, and it sort of illuminates my skin; that i love :)
Next weekend i'm off to Oxford and Cambridge (yes, it's not been cancelled this time :) so, i'm sure i'll be doing more spending there, yummy!
Hope you've had a lovely weekend everyone, i may brave it and do an outfit post tomorrow, but if it's gonna be anything like today, i just felt horrid in every single item i tried on, so just opted for comfort! (i think i'm having one of them bad months, where you really don't feel confident in anything you wear, not even my trusty jeans :( boooo!)
Love Sarah, x